The Philippines Have an Online Version of French Roulette

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Review of French Roulette A trip to the casino is more than just a great way to spend an evening. That’s why it’s crucial to pick a game that you’ll like playing and that pays off well. We’ll leave it at that for now. French Roulette is the name for this game. Due to the lowest house edge of any variation of Roulette, this game has become the most popular. In a strange twist, the term itself contributes to its popularity. It’s common knowledge that roulette was developed in France. The origins of this timeless gambling game may be traced back to the 17th century. This post is for you if you’re in search of a fresh take on the classic roulette game.

The Distinctive Features of French Roulette Compared to European

As we know from prior research, Europeans like European Roulette while Americans and Asians prefer the American version of the game. French Roulette, however, is also rather common. Let’s compare and contrast the two of them.

French Roulette, like European Roulette, only has one zero. While the rules of French Roulette are similar to those of other versions of the game, there are a few key differences. For instance, “La Partage” and “En Prison” are two supplementary regulations that might be used in this setting. The French roulette wheel gives players a second opportunity in the event of a loss. Any even-money stake that is lost remains on the table until the following spin, earning “En Prison” status for the player. In the event of a successful spin, the wager will be repaid to the player. And if you lose an even money wager, the “La Partage” law states that the loss is shared equally between you and the casino. Additionally, “Call” bets (sometimes known as “French bets”) can be placed in French Roulette.

Specifics of French Roulette

Let’s move on to an explanation of the features available to players in French Roulette.

French Roulette has the lowest house edge on any roulette variant, making it the most lucrative option for players. Since both the French and European versions of roulette only have one zero on the wheel, the house edge in American roulette is 5.27% rather than 1.33%. When playing even money, the house edge in French roulette is 1.35% lower than in American roulette. In case you were wondering, the return to player percentage for French roulette is 97.3% (for reference, the RTP for American roulette is 94.74%).


The rules and strategy of French Roulette are next on the agenda. In addition to the specific rules for French Roulette, we’ve already noted that the regulations are comparable to the rules for other varieties of this game. The main difference between French Roulette and European Roulette is the table layout and a few more regulations. Players must put wagers, which the dealer will accept, before the casino employee spins the wheel and launches the ball inside. Winners are those who correctly predicted the number of the pocket in which the ball was placed. While inside and outside bets are included in French Roulette as they are in other variations of the game, a new form of bet known as “Call” (sometimes known as “racetrack”) is introduced in French Roulette. Bets may be placed quickly and easily in-person and on the web. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the various bets available in French Roulette and the corresponding payouts offered by this game. Online gamblers should be aware that even when their wagers are successful, the chips are not always withdrawn from the betting system.

French Roulette On The Go

Because it simplifies and expedites so much of modern life, mobility influences a wide range of processes. Many operations improve in speed and quality. The gambling industry has not been immune to this trend. Online practice mode is available at several of the best casinos across the world. Numerous mobile platforms facilitate gambling for amusement or financial gain. Players in French casinos may also find joy in playing through the web or by downloading dedicated apps available for both the Android and iOS systems. French Roulette is played online with the same quality, pace, and regulations as the land-based version.

Roulette Fran├žaise en Direct

Every person has different wants, likes, and passions; this much is common knowledge. Some individuals enjoy a faster-paced, more technologically-advanced lifestyle, while others seek out the timeless and look for it everywhere they can. The second sort of player will have a better time playing French Roulette in a live setting. To take part in the game in the lively setting of a genuine casino, complete with croupiers, other players, and the thrilling spectacle of a spinning roulette ball as everyone bets on their fortune. As we mentioned up top, the rules are the same whether you’re playing in a virtual or physical setting.


As you can see, French Roulette offers a number of features and regulations that are not available in other variations of the game. Its singularity is what draws in so many players from all around the globe. This is made much easier by playing online. Playing might be a relaxing pastime, or it can be a source of potential profit. Not convinced yet? Then, to put your fears to rest, we can suggest that you give it a shot. The game’s creators made it possible to play for free (using demo version, as an alternative) for newcomers and those who just wish to play for pleasure.


Is there a mobile version of French roulette?

Why, yes! This game may be played in either a web browser or an app.

Where do French and American Roulette diverge?

The number of zeroes on the wheel is the primary differentiating factor between these two game formats.

Does the game have a strategy?

Even money bets are often considered to be one of the most advantageous playing strategies in these games.

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